Reward Programme Residency 2017, Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Teams and leaders need relationships with other team members and leaders to help them keep growing and get through some of the challenges they face. As leaders, we sometimes feel isolated in our roles; we need others to listen to our thinking, and we need to listen to others’ ideas.

Prior to commencement we establish an incentive and reward programme with clear goals realistic within the period of time allotted so as to ensure you come away great take-aways and outcomes.
The reward programme residency is excellent for revitalising or refocusing teams and organisations. The residency can help a team identify new goals or plan new strategies.

It is also a good time if your organisation is poised to take a new direction and when everyone must understand the coming changes in order to make the change successful. It can help people recommit to the mission of the organisation.

This time can also help people to remember the importance of their relationships to each other as they work together.

Reward programme - vitality workouts - team activities - team coaching - mind & body - team challenge

What to expect when you get there

We will be encouraging trust, self-expression, imagination and collaboration to form strong alliances and a pathway for fast tracking production of ideas and solutions.

We will contact you prior to the residency for an informal chat to go over your needs, dietary requirements and goals for the week ahead. Your week will include the reward programme sessions by experts in the field of leadership, Michelle Pilkington and Gillian Brown, a surprise guest talk, and group/one-to-one mindfulness training with Beatriz Cano.
There will be a team challenge and a whole host of activities that can include, water ski, sailing, beach volley ball, hiking, yoga, mountain biking, paragliding, scuba diving, paddle boarding, fly boarding, Kayaking.

The 5* hotel accommodation varies depending on the size of team. For example in the pictures below, we have an exclusive beach house ideal for a team of eight. We love this location as it is perched on the beach, ideal for team volley ball! which is very much all about great teamwork.

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