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The programme’s methodology responds to continually updated research, practical learning and your specific needs. Through a variety of good theory, rigorous day sessions, global case studies, group discussions and one-to-one mentoring and coaching, you will cross the threshold into leadership excellence by reflective learning. The day sessions are practical and interactive, where the focus is on you at the centre of the action. You will receive video-recording experiential activities and feedback sessions to understand how your behaviour impacts others and how the behaviour of others affects you; developing strategies to break down barriers to change and unlock your potential as a great leader.

Experts in the field, Michelle Pilkington and Gillian Brown, lead the robust six-day sessions, and nine one-to-one coaching sessions between each module over a nine-month period. This way, we follow the natural cycle of work, as opposed to annual check-ins that short shrift performance and talent development.

Here are just some of the topics covered during and between the programme modules

Developing Vison and strategic clarity

Building High-performance teams

The Challenges of leadership

Vision is responding to an idea in a resolute way. Creating your vision and vision statement are the first two steps in the action planning process. We explore your, and your organisation’s aspirations in a way that helps you focus on what is really important and provides a concise, outcome orientated and inclusive theory for developing your strategic plan.
You will study the theories behind choosing members and forging those individuals into a working unit that embodies all the skills and characteristics required. It is vital to be aware of the ways in which each individual will affect the team members. This calls for a high level of skill as a leader to keep the work of the team from being derailed by internal conflict, jealousy, and other similar issues that demand a great deal of sensitivity and interpersonal skill.

You will examine your concept of the team and the reasons for its successes and failures, so you can continue to improve and develop your shared vision. You will learn how to efficiently diagnose performance, provide feedback and coach team members to achieve and work at their best. In addition you will be able to identify their key abilities, differences in motivations, values and career orientations.

During the programme we look at how you mentor and empower your team on one or two of your prime goals.
Leadership constantly presents challenges to leaders and their abilities. These challenges are an opportunity to rise to another level, to test yourself and improve in the process, and to show you that you can accomplish even what may feel impossible at the time. We look at external and internal challenges, in addition to challenges arising from leadership itself.

Promoting awareness through communication

Initiating Action

Understanding risk

The key to good communication is human energy and we will look at how to maximise and use your present energy. We will coach you to look at your current approach and train your energy to be connected to a specific point outside of yourself. This type of energy is intimate, epic and very powerful when connecting with others.

You will be communicating in a way that resonates with others, promoting a clear picture of ‘what is’ and an awakening of ‘what can be’.
The programme gives you time to reflect on actions already taken, and at all times we look at enhancing your capacity to initiate new actions and new ways of delegating. This gives you the opportunity to extensively refine this important element of leadership.
Understanding risk is absolutely important when becoming a leader. We help you leave the rules behind and the standard way of doing things. We will ask you to step out into your own experience of the world and tune into the features of your ideas.

The willingness to take risks is an important stage to move beyond competence, where you learn and develop the features the situation demands.
The risk takers of the world are the ones who embrace new worlds, new ways to be human, new ways to behave.

What is your style of leadership?

Creating and leveraging commitment and relationships

We look at your own style and evaluate how you have exercised leadership both in the past and in the now. You will examine concepts and methods of leadership including the exercise of power, political scheming, using relationships, setting an example, persuasion, sharing power and charisma.

You will join discussions on leadership styles such as autocratic, managerial, democratic and collaborative, in addition to transactional and transformative. We will help you determine the appropriate style for you. You will find this a learning, reflective and transformative process.
Relationships are the building blocks for all our organisations activities. An effective leader will establish strong relationships and we look at why we need to build and sustain these relationships, and what to do when they breakdown. In addition, we examine establishing relationships to give meaning, to win allies to our cause, and when in a crisis.
Relationships are the source of great joy and some of our greatest challenges. Understanding them is no simple task. It is hard to work in isolation; we need to work together, forging and building relationships where we can.

Handling setbacks

Decision making

Theory of change

Inevitably, events happen that impede forward progress; we look at how to share objectively the setback with the organisation and find mutual support to rise above the situation and take action. You will learn and put into practice ways to learn from the process, and logic exercises to help you determine what went wrong. You will use analysis to create solutions within your control.
We provide a guide for crafting a fair way of making decisions for your organisation. You will explore collective group decisions by consensus and voting and the many ways in which to approach the process of decision-making.
The decisions we make demonstrate our values and it is an opportunity to set an example to your team. Good decision-making demonstrates a desire to lead, in addition to being essential to the role of leadership.
How do our decisions affect people? Here we examine decision-making and the supervision of those who make decisions.
Your theory needs to provide direction and clarity without becoming overly complex, and there may be long delays between actions and their effects. What are the short, mid, long-term effects? We look at the design of your logic, concept and implementation.

Culture and diversity awareness


Mind body connection and Self discipline

Identifying and executing prime goals

You will explore the cultural world map and different cultural backgrounds other than your own. You will learn communication across cultures and the art of persuasion in a multicultural world. You will learn how to use low or high context communication to build trust and growth, while being accountable for the accurate transmission of your message.
One of the programme objectives is to help build your confidence as an influential and effective leader. People like to work with leaders who are confident and trustworthy. Your team are assured that you know what you are doing, this enhances their overall wellbeing and as a result be open to new ideas and change. Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows.
Whether it’s by reducing stress, practicing meditation, understanding diet, or nurturing relationships, the good news is we now have the evidence-based proof that you can change your mind to change your health.

From day one of the programme you will learn a theory and technique to align your mind with your body. We also provide an app for you to ensure you practice everyday in-between each module.
Out of the whirlwind of your day-to-day work and the swathe of goals to be realised, we look at how you identity your prime goals and align your efforts and vision with your team.

During the programme we support you in mentoring and empowering your team on one or two of your prime goals.

It is a mark of respect and fairness to include you in decisions that have a bearing on your work and perhaps on your life. Therefore we begin the leadership programme with a pre-programme evaluation, which encompasses two hourly sessions of one-to-one coaching to establish your needs, aspirations and your leadership development goals.

We brainstorm together to define the skills you need the most. Collaboratively, a custom-designed 360-feedback questionnaire is then produced to ensure the right questions are asked to the right people. This robust evaluation focused on immediate and long-term needs ensures the programme is aligned with you and your organisation.

The programme is over the course of nine months, comprising three modules: 3 x 2 day sessions (6 days in total), including 9 x 1:1 coaching sessions and challenge activities between each module.

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