Michelle Pilkington

Beatriz Cano

Gillian Brown

Michelle studied art history and philosophy at Goldsmiths University London. She is a highly respected leader, transformational coach, and keynote speaker. Her expertise in emotional intelligence and behavioural science creates a present, vital and engaging workforce.

Michelle is an
International Coach Federation (ICF) professional certified coach and continues to develop programmes for respected causes and global firms. For over twenty years, she led projects creating and implementing some of today’s most celebrated contemporary artworks including the UK’s prestigious Turner Prize in 2007.

This gave her insight into a new approach to bring out the best in people. The People Are Present was established in 2014 to pass on this experience.
Beatriz is an adventurous, seeker, thinker, student and teacher. She was determined to study psychology at an early age and as she looked to expand her horizons a little further she completed a masters degree in coaching at Barcelona’s ECS. A mindfulness coach at the Institute of John Kabatt Zin, complementry studies with the team Joe Vitale. A master NLP and then after 3 years of daily practice of meditation is introduced into Kriya Yoga to study from different aspects of the mind-body union.

Through her work Beatriz promotes a comprehensive view of the being human, teaching our leaders to feel a state of deep mental and physical well-being.
Gillian Brown (PCC) is a champion of professional development; a true entrepreneurial leader at the forefront of coaching and leadership growth. She is an acclaimed transformational coach with a client list of leaders spanning law, property, banking, construction, IT, retail NHS and government. Her coaching and leadership development work is recognised as innovative and empowering, evoking awareness and actions that lead to success. She has supported the growth of hundreds of organisations, working in partnership to identify key areas of organisational development.

She is a board member of the ICF and an associate member of the CIPD and the Institute of Directors.

Cassandre Palayer

Nicola Walsh

Cassandre is our Client Relationship Manager she is trilingual in French, Spanish and English and provides day-to-day facilitation to meet clients requests and requirements. She ensures the smooth running of programmes, including the Reward Programme Residency in Mallorca.

Nicky is a multiple award winning British photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Nicky is our producer and camerawoman responsible for the video-recording experiential activities and feedback sessions to understand how your behaviour impacts others and how the behaviour of others affect you.

Nicky and Michelle’s working relationship has span over fifteen years.

Working Together

If you would like to join our team, please get in touch. Here you will find mutual respect, immense camaraderie, hard work and long-lasting relationships.

At our core we are thinkers, and the momentum is growing every day.
If you feel inspired and wish to explore the possibility of joining us; please contact us at team@thepeoplearepresent.com
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