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The leadership programme is designed for employees who are operating at or near the top of their organisation. This includes CEOs, Managing Directors or Executive Vice-Presidents in large and medium-size corporations, senior partners in professional firms, senior executives in non-for-profit or public organisations, entrepreneurs, owners of large family businesses, and board members of any such organisations.

Each person needs to be supported and feel valued to grow as a leader. Your support will help them feel enthusiastic and hopeful about their future with your organisation.

The success of a team is dependant on the quality of their interaction. What is it to be the best version of us? When we are operating at our best, we have opened ourselves up to being called to respond to situations in a resolute way. We limit possibility if we only rely on what we know ourselves while, if we listen to others, we will come up with more ideas and better results.

We have created a ‘Building Great Teams Laboratory’ to mentor teams on how to strengthen and thrive and understand the chemistry of high-performing groups.

The sound, availability and focus of the human voice really matter to all of us, particularly at crucial points in our lives. The tensions in our bodies, breath and voice can convey a whole array of messages. The natural voice is free and responds authentically to the feelings and thoughts we are experiencing in the present moments of our life. It is built and designed to reach out and touch others.

The communications and presentation programme is customised to each participant. Everyone has the possibility to become a great presenter with our support.

Buidling a new-generation workforce for the futre

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Our programmes, tailored specifically for each participant, span three modules. This way, we follow the natural cycle of work, as opposed to annual check-ins that short shrift performance and talent development.

We train, mentor and coach through a process of incremental development which over time produces results from learning to know, to do, to be, culminating in compelling transformations.

The need for co-creativity and brainstorming skills is greatly on the rise, as is relationship building and teamwork acumen. We have lived through a corporate shift from the ‘command-and-control’ organisation, to the more fluid and collaborative style workforce of today.

There is a need for agility, and our work at The People Are Present instils the premium thinking and communication needed to succeed in our networked world, as relationships are becoming more dispersed and complex. We are fostering the next generation of leaders who will communicate and connect with these networks and build consensus and collaboration at an effective pace.

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